Throw a Party to Get Out of Your January Slump

So you've packed up your Christmas tree and thrown away your New Years sparklers… but why let the festive season stop there? After the holidays the winter snow isn't as glamorous and people tend to get a little down, especially because January is 100% the most boring month of the year (sorry to all of you Capricorn/Aquarius babies). We definitely need something to spice this month up! Here are some ideas for low key January parties to cheer you and your friends up:

Healthy Recipe Swap

It is January… so everyone is "trying" to be healthy. Invite some friends over and have everyone cook a new healthy recipe to share! This will be a fun way for people to get out of their comfort zone and for people to try new foods that might end up being their new favorite dish.

What you'll need:

A killer recipe to be your contribution

Whether you're a “make it from scratch” kind of person or a “throw it all in a crock pot“ gal, there is definitely an innovative, healthy dish out there for you.

A smoothie/juice bar

To go along with this healthy get-together, make sure to have a place for your guests to make fresh drinks! Making your own smoothies and juice is very on trend right now, your guests are sure to have a blast. Have a mix of fruit and some greens and you are good to go! Oh- and don't forget a blender.

A place for everyone to share their recipes!

Have your guests bring copies of their recipes to share with each other! This will make things easier on you and will take people back to the old days where everyone had cute little recipe books! Why not be the one to bring it back?

Summer in Winter

While it's cold and dreary outside it can be good to remember back to the warmer months (think Olaf's constant mood in frozen). Whether you like winter or not, you're bound to get sick of the cold eventually. And when you do, it's time to host a summer themed party in the dead of winter! With any luck, people will be saying “HAGS” by the end of the night.

What you'll need:

A fun tropical signature drink

Mojitos and pina coladas are always people's favorites!

But have you ever heard of a Pina-mo-coco? No?! Probably because we made it up, but trust us it's amazing. Try it for yourself! Grab some rum, pineapple juice, mint leaves and coconut milk. We won’t be mad if you take credit for this one.

A goofy Hawaiian shirt

Extra points if you get it super cheap from a thrift store!

BBQ food, duh!

Call your dad up and have him give you a quick grilling lesson. Everyone will love the nod to summer, and getting to eat this kind of food at a different time of year will make them forget its winter at all!

A fun photo booth

Time to pull out the leis and coconut bras! People love to have pictures to remember fun times with friends and your summer in winter party is no exception.

White Elephant in Jan:

You are always bound to get one Christmas gift that you could live without. Whether it's a fruit cake from your aunt or a tie shaped like a pickle from your weird cousin once removed, you need to find a sly way to get rid of it. Who says white elephant parties are just for December anyway?! Have everyone over to do a little post holiday season exchange.

What you'll need:

A useless gift to give away.

Who knows, one's bad gift might be another man's treasure.

Fun food!

Request that everyone bring their favorite holiday side. (Because deep down you are crushed that the holidays are over, and no one really likes the turkey anyway.)

Dress code: Pajama Party

Throw it back to all of your childhood Christmasses and encourage everyone to wear their favorite pair of PJs! Onesies preferred. (Get it? We are white elephants...)

Hopefully these ideas help you get through the month and make it a little more exciting in the process!



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