Tie Dye Party

Tie dye has been all the rage this quarantine season. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon of dying all of your clothing items yet, then now is your chance. This activity is perfect for social distancing with friends because it all happens outside! Here are some tips to host the perfect tie dye party that your friends will never forget:

The first thing you'll need to do is get a tie dye kit! They should have these at your local craft store or on Amazon. Then you'll need to fill a tub with water so that people can get their clothing items damp before they dye them.

Have everyone at the party bring their own clothes to tie dye! Then people can decided what techniques they want to use. There are a TON of options like the spiral, ombre, the crumple and more!

Choose unique things to tie dye:


Everybody loves a good pair of socks. So why not tie dye some? The most fun thing about these socks is that I had no idea they had the fun space design on them until after they were dyed! I think they turned out super cute.

Pillow case

This project did not take the dye as well as some of the others, but I'm not mad at the results! I got a canvas pillow case for a throw pillow and dyed it. It definitely is more pastel than I thought it would be, but it goes perfectly with the colors of my room so I am happy about it!


You can never go wrong tie dying hoodies and sweatshirts. For these two I used the crumble technique and am very happy with the colors that I chose!

Crop top:

The tie dye item that I know I will get the most use out of is this crop top I ordered from online. I just used light and dark pink to keep it monochromatic and am OBSESSED with the way that it turned out!

A Sheet:

Then... we tie dyed a sheet! Which was hard because it was so big, but was worth it because we are going to use it as a photo backdrop for another event! Shhhh... don't tell anyone. It's a surprise!

A bandana:

We decided to tie dye a white bandana (per my dads request). He loves the way it turned out!

A bunting:

The most unique thing that we tie dyed was this canvas bunting. we decided to make each flag a different color because it is currently pride month! We will definitely be using this to celebrate.

Reverse Tie Dye:

This was something I had never tried before! Tie dying with bleach! You have to be very very careful and wear gloves, but it is definitely worth it. You basically do the same thing as regular tie dye, but put bleach in the squirt bottle instead of color. The longer you leave the bleach on before rinsing it the whiter it gets. But the in between stages are cool too because it turns the black this fun orange color

Snacks: Tie dye cupcakes

Making these cupcakes was super easy and had a really cool end effect! I took some funfetti cake mix (my personal favorite) and made the batter as instructed. Then I split the batter into five different bowls and added different rainbow colored food coloring to each. Then I gently scooped a little into each cup cake tin.

After the cupcakes were baked, I piped the frosting onto the cupcakes and added the funfetti sprinkles and they were good to go!

The most impressive part of these cupcakes was the inside...

And there you have tie dye cupcakes! They were so yummy. I highly recommend making them.


Tie Dye Banner

To take your tie dye party to the next level make a tie dye t-shirt bunting! I made this bunting by watercoloring some paper with different colors in the same color family (blue, green, yellow/red, purple, pink/and orange, red, yellow). Then I cut out the design on my Cricut machine and attached them to the string with mini clothes lines to really bring everything together.

Tie Dye Tip:

This seems super basic, but ALWAYS wear gloves or your hand will end up looking like ours did and it takes forever to come off.

We hope that you have so much fun tie dying with your friends! Let us know how all of your pieces turn out.

Get creative!


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