Unique Foods For Your BBQ Party

What is more summery than a BBQ? Honestly... nothing! We hope that you are spending some time outside this summer and are hosting a barbecue for your friends (while still practicing social distancing). We have put together a list of food that you definitely need at your next BBQ, some classic and some new unique options!

The classics:

At a Summer BBQ there are some classic items that you need on your menu. Those include burgers and hotdogs. Maybe even a bratwurst if you're feeling fancy? Something to think about when planning your BBQ is that the food isn't always super inclusive to dietary restrictions. Make sure that you have options for people that are vegetarian and vegan as well! Also- buy some extra lettuce so that people who are gluten free can do a protein style burger with no bun.

Make sure to get your "grill master"a fun spatula or apron to say thank you for all of their hard work.

Unique things to grill:

If you are wanting to take your BBQ Party to the next level (which you absolutely should) then there are a few fun options of unique things you can serve. A good alternative to a normal burger or even a veggie burger are portobello mushrooms! You can serve them as a burger option or as a side. Fill them with veggies and cheese and they are awesomeeee.

Another fun thing to grill is haloumi cheese! It is so so yummy and grilling it makes it even better. It can be enjoyed by itself or on a burger!

The most surprising thing that is yummy grilled is watermelon! Grill it just enough so that it has grill marks and it should be perfect. You can eat it just like that or put it in a salad. Check out our “Salads for Summer Parties” blog post for a great recipe!

At your BBQ party everything needs to be grilled, so that includes dessert. Pineapples do really well on the grill, it brings out their sweetness. But my favorite grilled dessert is peaches! Add a little whipped cream and honey and they are truly delicious. People won't expect a grilled dessert, so they will love the surprise!

We hope that you have a fun BBQ and an amazing summer!

Grill it good,


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