Video Game Party

During this time of social distancing it is important to continue to connect with all of your friends from the comfort of your own homes. A fun way to do this is through having a Video Game Party! I’m going to break down some online/app gaming options to keep you having fun during this crazy time.

House Party

This is a super fun app that is free to download and to play the basic options! You can connect with up to 8 friends through a video call and play games together! There are lots of fun options like pictionary, trivia, heads up and more. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Jackbox Games

These games are SO funny and the good news is YOU CAN play them remotely with people you love. Have everyone video call through a video chat app like google hangout or zoom and have the person hosting the game share their screen with everyone. All of the players can participate through their mobile devices by going to and it should be a great time! These games do cost money, but they are really fun and you can continue to play them with friends long after social distancing is over.

Play through a game with someone! This idea applies if you are more into story games traditionally played on a console. If you have an old DS or even the new Nintendo Switch, pick a game that you are your friend both want to try and play through it at the same time! This way you have someone to talk to about the game and potential strategies with.

*In some of these games you can play together with other friends who have the same gaming console, but others you can’t

There are also sites like Epic Games and Steam that have story games that you can play for free!

iMessage Games

Lastly, iMessage games! If you have an iPhone you can play a variety of different games through iMessage! This isn’t exactly a video game party, but it does encourage you to continuously connect with your friends through a virtual game. They have pool, battleship and more!

We are all going through a lot right now, so start playing some video games with friends as a distraction. This is a good way to get a larger group of friends together to take the traditional FaceTime hangout to the next level.

Have fun and happy gaming!


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