Virtual Book Club

When we get older, good friends often move to different places for college or for work. It can be hard to keep those connections alive, but something that my friends and I have started doing is a virtual book club! This helps us get back into reading (because let's face it.. none of us have read a book for fun since jr. high) and helps us keep up our long distance friendships. A virtual book club would also be a good thing to start to keep social distancing fun! Then, once all of this craziness is over, you can make the book club meet in real life if that is more of your thing.

For my virtual book club we communicate through a Facebook group.

This is an easy way to post polls and set up times for our discussions. The way it all works is that one person is in charge each month. That person picks 5 books and makes a poll with each book title as an option.

Then that person posts descriptions of the books in the comments so people can know what they are voting for.

After a few days we pick the book that has the most votes! Here are some books my book club has read recently:

Secret Life of Bees


Pride and Prejudice

Three Women

We are currently reading A Woman is no Man. It’s good so far, and I can’t wait to discuss it!

My book club reads one book a month and has our discussions through Google hangout. We have the person who was in charge for the month host the discussion with questions to get the conversation going!

It usually flows pretty easily, but it’s always good for the host to have extra questions in their back pocket in case there is a lull in the conversation. We always end up staying after in the hangout to chat about our personal lives and use it as a time to catch up. It really is SO fun and I’m happy to be a part of one!

Being a part of a virtual book club is a great way to connect with friends who live in different states and is a smart thing to do to keep social distancing exciting!

Happy reading!


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