Winter Charcuterie Board

It's January 20th! So you know what that means right??? It's National Cheese Lovers Day! And you know all of us over here at Life is a Party are 100% celebrating. To honor the cheese Gods we are going to make a Winter Charcuterie Board. Because a charcuterie board is the best of ALL worlds. You can have multiple kinds of cheese, so no stress about choosing just one. And you get to add some other little accessories to help make the cheese really shine. SO without further ado, here is a guide to making our signature Winter Charcuterie Board.

Because it's winter, we are going to go with woody and earthy flavors.

Let's start with the star of the show..

The Cheese:





Something that helps your cheese and it's flavors really pop is…

The Fruit:

Pomegranate seeds



I'm gonna be honest, I'm not a huge cured meat gal. But because I know a charcuterie literally means "assorted meats", I guess I'll include it. Here are some ideas for…

The Meat:


Wintery Salamis

One of my favorite parts of the board has to be the carbssssss….

The breads & crackers:

Sliced baguette

Water crackers

Salt and pepper triscuits

Long bread sticks

The Extras:



Raspberry Jam


Grab a few sprigs of pine and place them along the edges to give it an extra wintery flare! It can also be fun to get creative with the layout of your board. Move things around until you're happy with the presentation, because even if you are the only one who notices, trust us, presentation does matter.

Now that you've seen our winter charcuterie board, it's time to make your own! Comment pictures of yours below, we would love to see your interpretation!

With love & cheese,


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