Winter Wonderland Party Decor

A winter wonderland party theme is an elegant and classy vibe that is great for your next office, birthday, or holiday party during the winter. We had a great time creating decor for our client's party, and we are confident that you will love it too! Here is what we focused on…

1. Centerpieces

One of the easiest ways to make a big impact without a lot of effort is to do centerpieces! Guests tend to find themselves around a table for food, conversations, games, etc., so you will definitely want some decor at these popular gathering places.

For two of the centerpieces, we used various kinds of greenery and pine cones to create our own winter arrangements. We also utilized a lot of small candles and votives, tea candles floating in cylinder vases, fake snow, and these super cute wintery-colored balls from Michaels .

Once we decided on a theme of winter wonderland, we picked the colors blue and silver to accent the main white-snowy color. We used that as our guide to keep things cohesive and on theme.

2. Small details

When it comes to decor, even the smallest of details can make a big impact. Because we decorated this winter wonderland party in someone’s house, we didn’t want to go too over the top. Small details like snowflakes on the windows and tables, pine cones, and wrapped presents were our friend. They tied everything together and made the whole house feel decorated without taking away the charm of the home.

3. Signage

There is nothing better than a cute sign. Okay fine...maybe there are a few things that are better but aren’t these so cute?! A “welcome” bunting on the front door can be done for pretty much any party theme and introduces the decor before your guests even enter the house!

Chalkboards are also a low-maintenance addition and take less than a minute to write on.

For our main winter wonderland sign we took a piece of wood and cut it down to the size we wanted, painted it black, and cut the shapes and words using the Cricut. While the Cricut certainly made our life easier and much quicker, this can be done without it.

4. Mantel

We decided to put the main winter wonderland sign on the manel, and used that as our main display for decor. The floating tea candles, vases, small candles, fake snow, pine cones, and colored balls were also used here.

A few candles and some fake snow can create some beautiful and elegant decor! We hope you have a “winter wonderful” time with your wonderland decor!

Much love,

Kim and Nat

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